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Location: Tyler, TX


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Site Grading and Drainage, Hardscape and Masonry Installation, Water Feature Installation, Native Restoration, Landscape Installation, Irrigation Installation, Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Management


The Genesis Group

Corporate Green

With a simple and sustainable approach to working in style, this is not your typical workplace environment, typically void of any connection to the outdoors.  Gencore and its Corporate Green anchor is Tyler’s first Eco-­Friendly commercial office project, with a planning directive and focus on creating outdoor spaces that encourage a daily connection to the natural beauty of this perfect piece of east texas piney woods. 

sub overview

Landvisions team was instrumental in providing a sensitive preservation approach to the design and construction of this low impact development project, and stood side by side with the vision of stakeholders of providing a sense of place through an intentional connection to nature.


Water Conservation

Extensive design and planning towards water conservation established an opportunity for a low impact approach to development. Stormwater catchment from the parking areas provided for controlled collection of rainwater into large cisterns installed under the parking areas. This massive underground storage allows for re-use of rainwater for the site’s landscape irrigation needs.

A natural creek was installed to provide a centerpiece for a passive outdoor gathering space that employees could enjoy throughout the workday. The sound of water and surrounding textured landscaping serves as a primary user experience walking from the parking areas to the office entry.

Water Feature


Stormwater collection for Irrigation, Granite walking trails, Natural creek, Outdoor gathering spaces, Native planting and Lawns, Irrigation System, Underground Drainage, Outdoor lighting, Walls, Outdoor Lighting

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