Ben Kleinig, LI

Account Manager
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Ben Kleinig

As a maintenance account manager, Ben is passionate about sustaining healthy, beautiful landscapes and utilizing innovative tools and techniques to do so. His experience in landscape management ranges from university campuses to iconic public parks, golf courses to high-end residential gardens, and he has won several awards in recognition of achieving exceptional results. His international experience provides him with insightful perspectives that inform his work locally. 

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Ben received formal training at University in Horticulture and Landscape Design. He immigrated to the USA in 2011 after having met and married his wife through a rotary group study exchange. They now live in Whitehouse with their son, Jack, and nearby extended family. Ben enjoys testing out new plant material, irrigation techniques, and other landscape practices on his own home. 

Committed to continual growth, Ben is naturally curious and bright, invested in bringing others alongside him as he discovers new products, practices, and innovative industry solutions. He finds great meaning in his work, believing in the power of landscapes to impact personal and public health.


Certified Arborist
Licensed Irrigator 
Commercial Pesticide Applicator
PGMS Green Star Award 2019


“I take great pleasure in seeing someone enjoying a well designed and maintained flower bed or sitting on a healthy turf area.” -Ben

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