Philip Roberts, PLA, ASLA

Landscape Architect
Strategic // Connectedness // Individualization // Ideation // Futuristic
Philip Roberts

As a landscape architect, Philip spearheads the design of residential remodels and landscape enhancements. He enjoys the challenge of working within the constraints of small spaces to design innovative site solutions. Philip is extremely articulate, expressing his creative ideas with clarity and ease.

While pursuing his undergrad from BYU in Landscape Management as well as masters from Texas A&M in Landscape Architecture, Philip worked at a variety of landscape companies in roles that honed his creative skills. He worked at a large design-build firm in San Antonio after graduation before the opportunity to buy a company in Austin arose, where he was the owner/operator for several years. He recently sold this company and moved to East Texas to be closer to family. Faith is an important value that drives his family life and daily decisions. 

In an increasingly urbanized world where people find themselves living in sprawling man-made environments, he finds a sense of purpose in enhancing quality-of-life through landscape design. He enjoys interacting with a wide range of client personalities through the design process and building environments that impact people’s daily lives. Philip is currently pursuing licensure as a Landscape Architect.


Small Spaces
Licensed Irrigator LI#0023800

What do you enjoy about working at Landvisions?

“I fully believe that doing things “the right way” is part of our ethos at Landvisions. When we are encouraged, even by our clients, to do the easy thing, we are not afraid to push back and suggest solutions that encourage excellence.” - Philip

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