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Location: Hainesville, TX

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Landscape Architecture, Pool Construction, Site Grading, Site Drainage, Hardscape and Masonry Installation, Landscape Installation, Irrigation Installation, Native Restoration, Landscape Management

Our client for this project, who use their property as a seasonal retreat, engaged our team to assist with enhancing the outdoor aesthetic, it’s functionality, and connection to the natural surroundings of Cross Pines Ranch.  Landvisions team developed design concepts for improving the exterior of the home’s appeal, identifying opportunities for outdoor living spaces, and overall connectivity.  The focus was to create meaningful spaces that intrigue family and guests to connect outdoors, all while embracing the serenity of the native landscape.

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Through our design-build process, we successfully completed the installation of the negative edge pool and seating terraces, including a firepit and play lawn in the first phase of construction.  The second phase of this project quickly followed, addressing the outdated arrival experience at the front of the home.  Having now completed both phases, our team has been involved in actively managing the exterior of the property, ensuring the continual development and establishment of this complete exterior remodel.

Using materials that are consistent with the surrounding material pallet, provide a measure of consistency that help create a timeless look for any addition. This fire pit terrace evokes the feel of being a cohesive part of the overall project, and with careful consideration for location and functionality, provides an amenity that can extend outdoor use and enjoyment well beyond the summer months.




This negative edge pool provided an opportunity for users to experience this site through a dramatic visual connection with the surroundings and lake beyond. The strategic placement allowed for creating a visual water wall that is visible from several outdoor living spaces. Functionality of the perimeter edge overflow allows for leaf litter to quickly collect in the lower basin below, therefore keeping the main body of water clean and still, acting as a reflection of its surroundings.


Custom Negative Edge Pool and Spa, Slope Stabilization, Pathways, Planting and Lawns, Irrigation System, Underground Drainage, Firepit, Firepit terrace, Outdoor Lighting

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