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Location: LaRue, TX

Boggy Creek

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Landscape Architecture (in collaboration with Design Workshop), Site Grading, Site Drainage, Hardscape and Masonry Installation, Native Restoration, Landscape Installation, Irrigation Installation, Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Management


Design Workshop

Escobedo Group

Native American Seed

Texas Organic

Sited at the center of a quiet hilltop with panoramic views of the surrounding ranchland, this installation was inspired by mountain architecture and our client’s love for the outdoors.  Through collaboration with the landscape architecture firm, Design Workshop, and Escobedo Group, this project is the testament of years of collective experience and dedication to the rigorous pursuit of sustainable design, placing high value on the irreplaceable physicality of this special site located in the Pineywoods of East Texas.

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The exterior spaces invite a variety of experiences, the pool terrace overlooking the expansive lawn to the lake beyond creates a sense of the property’s expansive qualities.  Native planting, wildflower meadows, and the many pathway connections invite guests to meander and explore scents, colors, and textures collectively while making their way to destination casitas. It is a magical place, that through the vision of our client and collaborative partners, has become a project that honestly celebrates its connection to the land.

Granite was chosen for the path material so as to ensure compatibility with the rustic architecture and overall ranch aesthetic. The granite material was blended with a stabilizer to help avoid erosion issues, and provide a firm consistency for the walkable surface.

Granite Paths


Native Restoration

Our team collaborated with Design Workshop, Texas Organics, and Native American Seed, through many strategic consultations, related to analyzing existing soils, and necessary amendments required for supporting the ecological succession of the site. Numerous native seed mixes were developed to respond to the variable conditions of the 30 acre build site. The management of these native grass and wildflower stands are a part of our landscape management program that is on-going today, responding to the long term vision and success of this native restoration.


Masonry Walls

The exterior masonry walls, most of which are free standing, were critical to the success of defining entry spaces on the overall project. Scale, color, and style all helped to connect with both the architecture and native pallet found throughout the ranch.

Steel Planter Walls

These raised planter walls, rustic in character, are built from custom steel panels, allowing for a significant change of vertical texture and material treatment. The smooth steel walls provide a great contrast to the stone veneer of the home, as well as the perennial planting that consumes them.

With any project, our team typically addresses outdoor lighting in phases. This allows us to slowly introduce lighting, an intentional and subtle response to both safety and aesthetic value. Our Boggy Creek lighting design and installation provides for soft accents intended for displaying visual connection to the landscape at night, along with the must have functionality of lighting pathways for pedestrian travel.

Outdoor Lighting


Native Wildflower Meadows, Asphalt Drive and Parking Court, Masonry steps, Raised Steel Planters, Granite Pathways, Planting and Lawns, Irrigation System, Underground Drainage, Native Boulder outcrops, Outdoor Lighting

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