Albert Minchew, LI

Arranger // Responsibility // Woo // Learner // Positivity
Albert Minchew

Cheerful and easy going, Albert easily establishes rapport with others over a story, joke, and smile. He sees the potential in everyone and readily matches talents to tasks while coordinating activities. Continually curious, complex challenges capture his attention as not only an opportunity to grow, but to help those alongside him learn as well. 

Albert grew up in East Texas, graduating from Athens high school where he played football. Straight out of school, he joined the army and spent eight years of service traveling all across Europe, promptly obtaining his irrigation license upon return to the states. He has worked in the irrigation industry ever since. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his four grandkids taking them fishing, shooting bb guns, and on adventures. He hopes to instill in them a strong sense of respect for others.

With over 30 years of irrigation and drainage experience, Albert has seen it all - and knows exactly what pitfalls to avoid, allowing him to quickly eliminate possibilities to arrive at an effective solution. He is a quick phone call away when our team needs a reliable solution on site. 




"My grandkids! They are my whole world." -Albert

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