Jon Kirk

Senior Design Associate
Strategic // Responsibility // Discipline // Analytical // Relator
Jon Kirk

When a complex irrigation or drainage issue arises, our team heads over to “the table of knowledge” - Jon’s desk. His analytical mind, problem solving skills, and specialized experience lend themselves to being a ready resource. If there is a problem to be solved, he’s up for the challenge. 

With over 14 years experience in the irrigation industry, and 29 years within the Civil Engineering field, Jon’s expertise and ability to foresee potential issues is unmatched. He finds an immense level of pride in detailed planning and execution. Jon is keenly aware of how tough situations teach patience in problem solving. That is why he enjoys playing golf - a truly individual sport that requires precision and perseverance. He currently resides in Flint, Texas with his wife, three step-sons, and a collection of farm animals. 

Jon believes that before you ask “how” to do something you should first ask “why” it should be done. He’s learned that defining your purpose prior to planning leads to better results, and incorporates this approach while collaborating with teammates. 


State of Texas: Licensed Irrigator LI#14009
State of Texas: Licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester BP#10994
Registered with LDAF as a Licensed Irrigation Contractor in the State of Louisiana #20-0780
TNLA Texas Certified Water Smart Professional TCWSP #124
National Certification: Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor CLIA#67059
National Designation: EPA WaterSense Partner
United States Patent #US 6,325,534 BI – December 4, 2001

What do you enjoy about working at Landvisions?

“The level of professionalism at Landvisions is second to none, and each team member is proud to stand behind their work. It’s great to collaborate with a team that loves what they do, backs each other up, and does the best job possible.” - Jon

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