Daniel Ross

Project Manager
Strategic // Communication // Responsibility // Self-Assurance // Relator
Daniel Ross

Daniel thrives tackling complex projects and finds ultimate satisfaction when he is able to make something out of nothing. When faced with challenges, Daniel can quickly create alternative ways to proceed and develop strategies to help others overcome and achieve their goals. His ability to communicate well enables him to empower the team with what needs to happen and strategize on how to solve day-to-day problems. 

Born and raised in Texas, Daniel studied real estate finance at Texas Tech University before jumping into the construction industry in the Dallas Fort Worth area, where he spent over 12 years gaining experience in project management while running his own businesses. These experiences equipped Daniel to understand the intricate nuances of business strategy and real life situations in the field. Daniel currently lives in Tyler’s Historic Red Brick District with his wife and labradoodle “Midnight Ryder”. He is a bourbon aficionado with over 800 bottles in his collection and President of the East Texas Bourbon Society. 

With his outgoing and relatable personality, Daniel has the uncanny ability for getting action going in a quiet room. Daniel excels at getting the job done, and getting it done the right way. He enjoys working with a team of people that take ownership in what they do and work to accomplish things that are bigger than themselves.


Project Management
In 2021, was awarded the 40 Under 40 for “Excellence in Outdoor Beautification”


"It’s a big family. It truly is. The team mentality at Landvisions is second to none and I love giving our team freedom to run with things and create. The team has a unique ownership to the work we do and it feels like we are part of something bigger than ourselves." - Daniel

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