Karina Sauray

Landscape Designer
Futuristic // Intellection // Focus // Communication // Strategic
Karina Sauray

“In a way, we create places for future memories and never-ending opportunities to be lived in, “ is Karina’s philosophy as a landscape designer. Karina is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and moved to California when she was nine, where she currently resides. From a young age, Karina has always loved drawing. When Karina was a young girl, her father asked her to design their new backyard, igniting a love for landscape design. Taking an architecture class in high school encouraged her to pursue a degree in landscape architecture at Cal Poly Pomona.

Karina’s mother is her biggest inspiration. The growth and dedication seen in her mother inspires Karina to work hard every day. Karina’s dedicated work ethic is demonstrated in her role as a landscape designer at Landvisions. What makes her passionate about her work is knowing she will be creating a space for people to enjoy for many years. Karina believes knowledge and new ideas are continuous, an attitude she demonstrates in her career. At Landvisions, she values the friendly environment, and growth opportunities.



What are you happiest doing when not at work?

“I am happiest when traveling and having new experiences with the people I love.” -Karina

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