Drew Doerge

Landscape Designer
Competition // Analytical // Restorative // Learner // Achiever
Drew Doerge

Drew’s tenure with Landvisions started as a summer intern during his third year of Landscape Architecture studies at Texas A&M University and spanned two consecutive summers.  Having the opportunity to experience our culture and develop a love for what we do here at Landvisions made it an easy decision for Drew to join us full-time upon his graduation in the Spring of 2022.  He takes great care to be thorough with his work as a Landscape Designer using numerous software programs to allow for a streamlined process of design deliverables. Drew is extremely goal oriented and competitive, always striving to become better at what he does and in correlation with the company.

An East Texas native, he has always had a love for the outdoors. Mowing lawns to earn extra money was how he came to fall in love with Landscape Architecture. 

Drew enjoys anything that involves accomplishing difficult tasks that require him to work hard and maintain focus. You can often find him at the gym, mowing yards, or enjoying time with his fiancé Emily.


Landscape Design
Computer Drafting 
Computer Modeling


“I am passionate about being around people that do it the right way. You can see the result and what you can accomplish if you apply yourself. Being around people that are driven and non-complacent is what drives me.”

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