Bethany Copeland

Accounting Manager
Individualization // Connectedness // Relator // Harmony // Empathy
Bethany Copeland

“You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems”, a quote from James Clear’s book Atomic Habits can be seen framed in Bethany’s office, which is a testament to how she tends to route her professional and personal life. Bethany assists with managing the many daily details of running the office, with her specialty being accounting. She has an uncanny ability to create organization and implement processes to support team goals, all while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

At home, Bethany and her husband are the busy parents of four wonderful, funny kids. Her self-proclaimed title of “chaos coordinator” at home aptly applies at work as well. Gaining experience in several administrative roles and as an office manager in the medical field prepared Bethany for her current role where she finds purpose in being a part of team that is as committed to culture and growth as they are committed to success. When not working, she enjoys the peace that comes with sitting on the front porch swing to “watch her plants grow”.

Bethany is passionate about contributing to creating a connected workplace environment and uses her ability to relate to others on an individual level to instill a sense of solidarity throughout teams.




“My mom has been a big influence on my career. She is the most devoted, selfless, hard working nurse, and has taught me to rely on my strengths yet never back down from an opportunity to improve on my weaknesses.” -Bethany

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