Laura Fraga Crim

Marketing Coordinator
Relator // Positivity // Individualization // Learner // Developer
Laura Fraga Crim

“I love to take new challenges, big or small, because they force you to develop new skills and grow as person,” is Laura’s daily attitude. Laura was born and raised in Tyler, TX with her two brothers. She lives in Bullard, Tx with her husband, James, three big dogs, and Leo, the best wiener dog in the world.

She attended Texas Tech University and is a die-hard fan. She studied interior design, management, and Spanish, and later graduated with a master’s degree in business administration. Her entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to move back home and open Tyler’s first and only non-toxic nail salon. Much of what she has learned through the experience as a small business owner is translated in her work at Landvisions as a marketing coordinator. Laura’s background includes construction and interior design, and she enjoys working on remodels in East Texas.

Laura has a passion to use her talents to serve the community. She works with the Bethesda Clinic in Tyler as a translator and supports the organization, For the Silent.



What are you happiest doing when not at work?

“I enjoy delicious food, a good book, piano, and horseback riding.” -Laura

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