Michael Dean

Procurement Manager
Relator // Restorative // Achiever // Analytical // Individualization
Michael Dean

As our team’s Procurement Manager, Michael is committed to ensuring our client’s products are of unmatched quality and arrive on time.  His attention to detail and expertise in logistics keep our projects moving forward efficiently, ensuring that our timing of installation and products consistently exceed our client’s expectations.  Michael takes significant pride in keeping our crews equipped with the materials needed to keep every job running smoothly.   

During his service as a Marine, Michael gained a firm understanding of cause and effect for all steps throughout a process, and the impact of how each step in any given process correlates with the next.   After the Marine Corps, Michael worked for a local nursery where he learned the necessary skills needed for plant health care, plant identification, and logistics related to both procurement and sales.  

Outside of work, Michael enjoys spending time with his kids, coaching their sports teams and anything to do with the outdoors. When he has spare time, you can find him riding his motorcycle and enjoying the fresh air.


Problem Solving
Relationship Management


“Sgt. Christopher Reeves taught me everything I knew in the Marine Corps. He challenged me to be better. He welcomed change, even when that meant me progressing into a role as his boss. He was my mentor up until the day that he was killed in action in 2015. To this day I will look back at messages that we exchanged and utilize them to help solve any problems that I am going through.”

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